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Memberships in Professional Associations

SCRS (Society for Clinical Research Sites)

emovis membership since 2015

BVMA (Bundesverband medizinischer Auftragsforschungsinstitute)

The BVMA (Bundesverband medizinischer Auftragsforschungsinstitute)  is a federal association of clinical contract research organizations in Germany.

  • emovis GmbH membership since November 2012

DGPharMed (Deutsche Gesellschaft für pharmazeutische Medizin)

The DGPharMed (Deutsche Gesellschaft für pharmazeutische Medizin) is a german corporation for pharmaceutical medicine.

  • membership of Dr. Bergtholdt since 2003 (active on the Executive Board 2011-2015
  • membership of Dr. med. König since 2013

BuVeBa (Bundesverband für Studienassistenten)

The BuVeBa (Bundesverband für Studienassistenten) is a federal association for research assistants.

  • membership of Wenke Schult since 2017