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Our Milestones

We at emovis never stand still: In the course of our existence, we have grown steadily, so that we now have a wide range of services at our disposal. Take a look with us at our milestones to date.

When Dr. Bettina Bergtholdt founded the study site in 2001, she set the ball rolling for all our successes to date. Since then, a lot has happened: we have conducted more than 250 clinical studies. Along the way we have gained experience with more than 120 different indications. In total, we have recruited more than 7,500 study participants and satisfied more than 100 clients

In 2008 we founded our Sleep Lab, a comfortable and well-equipped medical investigation site, where we observe our patients’ sleep.

In this year we were also able to recruit 844 study participants for a vaccination study against herpes zoster within 8 months.

2010: Top study in the field of quitting smoking

In 2010 we enrolled 371 participants for a study on quitting smoking within 24 months.

2012: En route throughout Europe for clinical trials

This was followed in 2012 by the establishment of our Homecare Visits service, which enables certain restricted people to participate in clinical trials. As part of this service, we have already successfully completed over 100 projects; for example, we made 1,500 homecare visits in a cancer study within 20 months.

2013: Top rating

In 2013emovis was subjected to an FDA inspection. The result - no complaints whatsoever!

In 2014 we founded our subsidiary camovis: The Flying Study Nurses of camovis support study sites that need highly qualified staff during busy periods.

In 2015 we were awarded the Innovation DEN Award for our Homecare Visits service. 

In 2016 we received the Clinical Research Site Award. Of course, we are delighted by receiving such awards - they spur us on even more. However, the grateful study participants that we help within the scope of clinical trials have always been, and will continue to be, the main motivation for our work.

In 2017 we managed to recruit 239 patients for a study on insomnia within 15 months.

In 2018 we established our Early Phase Unit which focusses on psychiatric indications.

In 2019 we were able to enroll 45 study participants for a genital herpes study within 8 months, reaching 180 percent of our goal.

This was followed in 2020 by the establishment of our Patient Access Group: an entire team now takes care of recruiting suitable study participants for both our own, and other study sites.

We also conducted a vaccination study on tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis in 2020: For phase II of the study, we recruited 153 study participants within 4 weeks and achieved 153 percent of our goal; for phase III, we enrolled 345 patients within 3 weeks and achieved 138 percent of our goal.

Since 2020, the Homecare Visits team has more than doubled in size, enabling us to organize a large number of home visits in other European countries. Learn more about emovisHomecare Visits!

2021 erfolgte unsere jüngste Errungenschaft: Die COVID Trial Unit – eine innovative Dienstleistung, die es ermöglicht, klinische Studien mit Covid-19-Patienten sicher durchzuführen.

2021 saw the launch of our latest achievement: the COVID Trial Unit - an innovative service that makes it possible to safely conduct clinical trials with COVID-19 patients.

But even now there is no end in sight: We are always looking to the future! The management team is therefore already coming up with preliminary ideas for expanding into new lines of business.

What else happened in 2021? We can proudly report that the database of our nurses who are on the road as part of the emovis Homecare Visits team has passed the 1,000 mark! This enables us to carry out a large number of homecare visits in other European countries.