The People Behind emovis

emovis has a female boss and no problem with the percentage of female staff either. Since the site’s foundation in 2001 Dr. Bettina Bergtholdt, MD has been at the top in the capacity of Executive Manager (CEO) of emovis. Administration is by her side: a team of three, consisting of the front office, accounting and business development. In the study center, one floor above, the clinical investigators (study doctors), the lab nurses and study coordinators as well as the patient telephone and the reception desk are hard at work.


Executive Management and Administration

Dr. Bettina Bergtholdt, MD – Executive Manager (CEO)

Dr. Bettina Bergtholdt, MD is well known in Germany’s Clinical Research field. She has been on the top at emovis in the capacity as Executive Manger (CEO) since 2001. She has actively contributed to publication, association and lector services for many years, e.g. on the Executive Board of DGPharMed. Dr. Bergtholdt is only involved in a few projects as a clinical investigator now. In addition to the emovis study center she is committed to the Homecare Visits segment as well as the camovis GmbH.

At the study site emovis Dr. Bergtholdt is your contact partner for:

  • Feasibilities
  • General feasibility inquiries
  • Staff

Mark Kuhrt – Front Office

Mr. Mark Kuhrt has been Dr. Bergtholdt’s secretary for many years. He is your contact partner for the following subjects:

  • Questions for Dr. Bergtholdt
  • Appointments / travel arrangements, Dr. Bergtholdt
  • Ethics submissions
  • Correspondence
  • Applicant management

Gordon Engelmann – Accounting

Mr. Engelmann is responsible for the accounting process at emovis.  He is your contact person for the following subjects:

  • Invoices (Creditors)
  • Invoices (Debtors)
  • Taxes / Financial Authorities

Ute Bertelsmann – Business Development

In her capacity as Manager Business Development, Ute Bertelsmann is responsible for B2B-communication and acquisition. Mrs. Bertelsmann is your contact partner for the segments:  

  • Marketing/Communication B2B (Tradeshows, Panel, Website, Newsletter, ...)
  • Customer Management B2B
  • Calculation
  • Contracts
  • Press

Study Site Team

Clinical Investigators and Psychologists

The clinical investigators are primarily responsible for selecting and monitoring suitable study participants and the safety aspect during the trial. They apply their long-term clinical experience to the trial-specific parameters. In addition, they work closely with the respective responsible study coordinators in an effort to guarantee high-quality data.


Dr. med. Hans-Joachim König
Specialist for Anesthesia and Intensive Care


Dr. med. Kerstin Sturm
Specialist for General Medicine

Waldemar Kohl


Study Coordinators

Each coordinator and his work group is responsible for one or more trial. The work groups are responsible for transferring data from the source file to the case report form, for ordering supplies, for organizing the cooperation with the monitor and to know even the smallest details concerning the study.

Julia Welle
Study Coordinator


Ninon Werner
Study Coordinator


Jörg Lehmann
Study Coordinator / Medical Product Representative

Study Nurses

The study nurses are responsible for examining the trial patients. This includes drawing blood, spirometry, ECG-derivation and measurements and vital parameters, as well as conducting cognitive testing or reviewing diaries. Their scope of responsibility also includes trial drugs and archiving.

Rebecca Korten
Study Nurse


Jacqueline Tomke
Study Nurse


Renata Hasner
Study Nurse