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The people behind emovis

Dr. Bettina Bergtholdt has been at the helm of emovis GmbH as our managing partner since its foundation in 2001. So, emovis is still owner-managed!

Executive Management

Dr. med. Bettina Bergtholdt – CEO

Dr. Bettina Bergtholdt is well known in Germany’s Clinical Research field. She has led emovis in the capacity of Executive Manger (CEO) since 2001. At the study site, she herself has taken on the PI function in more than 150 clinical studies and led the entire study team for a long time. Dr. Bergtholdt is now devoting herself primarily to the strategic further development of emovis. This includes the expansion of existing business areas as well as the development of new service offerings in the field of clinical research.

emovis offers a wide range of services for clinical trials: For requests concerning the Study Site, Sleep Lab, and phase I studies please contact Ninon Armbrust. Annika Schuett is responsible for our Homecare Visits service. If you are interested in patient recruitment in our Study Site, please contact Renée Werner. Mr. Marc Strobel will be happy to help you with all issues relating to quality management, finance and human resources.

Ninon Armbrust - Director of Study Site

Ninon Armbrust holds the leading position for our study site and sleep lab. Her work combines the different fields of projects, clients and partners. She coordinates our study team, consisting of study physicians, project managers, study nurses, and receptionists - nothing escapes her trained eye, so that all our projects run smoothly and are of the highest quality.

Meet the team of the Dedicated Study Site.

Annika Schuett - Director of Homecare Visits

Annika Schuett heads the emovis Homecare Visits department. In this function, she organizes and coordinates homecare visits within the scope of clinical studies - all over Europe! Among other things, she ensures smooth and productive communication with clinical trial centers and homecare visitors. With her many years of experience in project management and team leadership, Ms. Schuett and her team ensure that our homecare visits run optimally and that our services are of excellent quality.

Meet the team of Homecare Visits.

Rebeca González Vicedo - Director of Decentralized Clinical Trials

Rebeca González Vicedo has taken on the challenge of building the Decentralized Clinical Trials department at emovis, with the goal of bringing trials even closer to patients. She works to combine the benefits of digital innovation with emovis' expertise and experience to deliver clinical trial solutions that enable better recruitment, higher patient engagement, and a more pleasant patient experience while maintaining high safety and quality standards.

Renée Werner – Director of Customer Success

As Director of Customer Success, Ms Werner is responsible for Business Development, Marketing, Patient Recruitment and Patient Service. In doing so, she always pursues the goal of offering our customers and patients the best possible service.

With her expertise and experience, Ms Werner has been ensuring fast, efficient patient recruitment at emovis for years.

Marc Strobel - Director of Commercial Operations

As Director of the Commercial Operations department, Marc Strobel is responsible for emovis GmbH's administrative tasks: finance, human resources management, quality and processes, IT management, facility management, and thus ensures smooth operations internally.

Due to his professional experience, he contributes significantly to the realignment and restructuring of the administration as an internal service center in order to support the other departments more quickly and efficiently.

Mr. Marc Strobel will be happy to help you with all issues relating to quality management, finance and human resources.


Do you have general questions regarding recruitment and quality assurance at emovis? Find the right contact person for you below:

Finance Team

Our finance team takes care of all financial matters. Do you have any questions, or do you need some more information? Find the right contact person for you below:

Team Customer Relations

As Customer Relationship Manager, Mr. Gass is your contact person for long-term business relationships and proactively establishes cooperation with you. As an Account Manager, Dr. Mühlbauer handles your concrete project inquiries and works out innovative solutions with you.