Team Dedicated Study Site

Would you like to conduct clinical studies and need competent contact persons? The Study Site team will be happy to advise you! We will answer all your questions regarding Phase Ib-IV.

Ninon Armbrust - Director of Study Site

Ninon Armbrust holds the leading position for our study site and sleep lab. Her work combines the different fields of projects, clients and partners. She coordinates our study team, consisting of study physicians, project managers, study nurses, and receptionists - nothing escapes her trained eye, so that all our projects run smoothly and are of the highest quality.

Tatiana Bandow

Tatiana Bandow is Ninon Armbrust’s (Director of Study Site) right hand. In her function as assistant, Tatiana Bandow takes care of the smooth running of the daily administrative tasks. She is the contact person for employees and business partners regarding questions of organization and responsibilities. In addition, she is responsible for the preparation of the documents for ethics submission.

Project Manager

Each Project Manager is responsible for one or more studies with their workgroup. The workgroups are responsible for transferring data from source files to case report forms, arranging for material reorders, liaising with the monitor, and knowing the particular study down to the smallest detail.

Study physicians and psychologists

The study physicians are mainly responsible for the selection of suitable study participants and their monitoring and safety during the study. They use their many years of clinical experience to determine study-specific parameters. They also work closely with the relevant study coordinators to ensure we collect high-quality data.

Study Nurses

What is at the heart of every clinical study? The study participants, of course! That is why emovis employs several highly trained study nurses who sensitively and carefully devote themselves to the care of our patients. In addition, our study nurses coordinate various tasks that arise in our study site. 


Our reception staff welcomes every study participant to the study site. They make appointments with interested and ongoing participants for each study and answer initial questions about studies.