Team Homecare Visits

Do you need staff for your study who can also treat and examine patients at home? Then you've come to the right place! Our Homecare Visits team will help you with all your questions about home visits in clinical trials.

Annika Schuett - Director of Homecare Visits

Annika Schuett is the director of emovis' Homecare Visits department. In this role she organizes and coordinates homecare visits in the context of clinical studies - all over Europe! Among other things, she ensures smooth and productive communication with clinical trial sites and homecare visitors. Ms. Schuett is no newcomer to a management position - she already has many years of experience in project management and team leadership. In addition, she benefits from her intercultural skills, which she acquired working on several assignments abroad. All in all, Ms. Schuett and her team ensure that our homecare visits run optimally and that our services are of excellent quality.

Homecare Trial Project Managers

At emovis, the Homecare Trail Project Managers have overall responsibility for the successful initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, controlling, reporting, and closure of homecare projects in clinical trials.

Homecare Trial Coordinators

Our Homecare Trial Coordinators are trained by our clients on individual projects. Their responsibilities during the course of the project include providing training to local homecare workers, quality control and supervision of local homecare workers' activities, and reporting to the clients on upcoming and completed visits.

Equipment Managers

Equipment Managers have overall responsibility for the procurement and maintenance of supplies and equipment, maintaining inventory and equipment logs, organizing storage areas, preparing and shipping supplies, etc.