Recruitment that relies on direct patient contact: the emovis Patient Access Group

Would you like to have a clinical trial carried out and are looking for an experienced service provider who can recruit patients quickly and reliably? The emovis Patient Access Group offers you patient recruitment including marketing measures and telephone advice throughout the D-A-CH region.

Renée Werner – Director of Customer Success

Renée Werner is the director of emovis' Customer Success department. In this role, she leads our Patient Access Group, which covers patient recruitment and patient service. Ms. Werner's ultimate goal? Ensuring the success of all trials entrusted to us - and offering both our customers and our patients the best possible service!

Thanks to her experience and expertise, Ms. Werner ensures fast, efficient and high-quality patient recruitment – and not only at emovis, together with her team, she also advises other companies on their clinical research projects.

Our team for recruitment of study participants

The success or failure of each clinical trial depends on the participation of sufficiently suitable and cooperative patients or subjects.

At emovis, we do not place the recruitment of our patients in the hands of others but dedicate ourselves to this challenge personally, alongside our in-house graphic designers and copywriters.

Our marketing strategies and measures are anything but off-the-shelf: In fact, we use a wide range of methods, which allows us to always act individually - tailored to the respective study or patient target group.

More than 7,500 recruited study participants in 20 years speak for themselves.

Nele Brennecke – Marketing Manager Patient Recruitment

Nele Brennecke is our Marketing Manager for patient recruitment. In this role, she leads the planning and implementation of advertising measures – this includes  target group-specific advertising campaigns, and contact with sponsors.

Not all patient recruitment is the same– depending on the study, the recruiter is faced with a variety of challenges and constantly adapts their strategies. For Ms. Brennecke, this is not a deterrent, but an incentive: she always has a few aces up her sleeve and manages to successfully crack even the hardest "nuts".

Julia Schliesch – Marketing Manager

As Marketing Manager, Julia Schliesch is responsible for various activities that serve to build and maintain our patient and business relationships. She is responsible for our social media activities and the production of our patient newsletter, which is published several times a year and is one of our most successful study recruitment channels, as well as other important marketing materials.

Our Creative Team

Cooperation with General Practitioners

Sophie Scholz and Nursel Yöntem each work for emovis in the field. Their concrete goal is to build up an external network of physicians that will serve to systematically boost our patient recruitment. For this purpose, they are specifically looking for general practitioners with – depending on the trial – suitable specialties and offer them to work in cooperation with emovis. In this case, the task of the respective doctor is to draw the attention of his patients to our trials or to forward the patients to us; in return, they will be remunerated by us accordingly.

Our Patient Contact Service

Online questionnaires? Not at emovis! As convenient as this recruitment method may be - we have always relied on the good old personal interview. Why? Quite simply: because compliance is an essential factor in the success of a clinical trial and - we are absolutely convinced of this - the maximum degree of trust and commitment on the part of the future study participant can only be gained in a personal conversation.

On the phone - and later again face to face - we can discuss and reduce any concerns and fears. In addition, certain key data relevant to the assessment of a potential participant can be asked directly.