Recruitment that relies on direct patient contact: the emovis Patient Access Group

After months of preparation, sponsor, CRO and sites are already digging in their heels. Everything is finally ready to go: the study can begin. But the project doesn't get off to the start it was supposed to. The most important ingredient every clinical study needs is lacking: study participants!

Have you had this happen to you? Unfortunately, we had to make experience this too. Or should one rather say fortunately? Because emovis has always been a solution-oriented company, we have not let this happen to us again and have developed a special kind of service: the Patient Access Group. Our service includes the recruitment of study participants - including marketing measures and telephone consultation within the entire D-A-CH region. You can read more about it here.

Renée Werner – Director of Customer Success

Since 2017, Ms. Renée Werner has been responsible for fast and efficient patient recruitment for which emovis is so often praised. Are you interested in working together on the success of your project? Ms. Werner will be happy to discuss the recruitment strategy and budget with you. As soon as the contracts are signed, she will hand over the project to our competent project managers.

Your project is in good hands

Clinical trials are complex, time-consuming and cost-intensive projects. So, it's only understandable that you want to work with a company that knows how things should be done. Don't worry: With emovis, you can leave your project in trustworthy hands. Both Ms. Nele Brennecke and Mr. Waldemar Kohl have years of experience in the day-to-day operations of a study site. They both know that the realization of every clinical study is dependent on a sufficient number of suitable and cooperative patients. Therefore, they dedicate themselves to the recruitment of participants in a particularly intensive and committed manner.

Nele Brennecke - Marketing Manager Patient Recruitment

We are always pleased when our PAG service is booked. That’s especially the case when the conduct of the study using our study site is also desired. The main advantage of this combination is the very short communication channels between the PAG team and the staff of our study site.

Figuring out the most effective and efficient marketing measures as to recruit suitable participants as quickly as possible is Ms. Brennecke's entire focus.

Waldemar Kohl - Project Manager Patient Access Group

Within the D-A-CH region there are many sites that do not have their own resources for elaborate recruitment activities. Don't despair, just ask emovis. Our PAG service can of course also be booked independently of our study site.

With these kinds of projects, effective communication between all parties involved plays a crucial role. Mr. Kohl, who worked as a psychologist in our study site for many years, is exactly the right person for this. 

Recruiting hundreds of suitable study participants within the given time frame is a challenge that cannot be met by only two people. Therefore, our project managers are supported by a large team. The appealing and ethically compliant design of advertising materials, the careful set-up and maintenance of campaigns and the establishment of valuable cooperations with physicians in private practice are just a few of the many tasks we take on. 

We would like to introduce you to our busy little bees, who dedicate themselves to these activities with competence and devotion:

Patient Contact Service

Thanks to our marketing measures, many people will become aware of your study and contact you should they be interested. This is already an important step. However, people who are interested in participating in the study and people who are actually suitable for participating in the study are sometimes two different things! Do these persons really fit all inclusion and exclusion criteria? This is what we have to find out through the corresponding pre-screening, which we are of course also happy to undertake.

We have always relied on the good old personal interview. Why? Quite simply because compliance is an essential factor for the success of a clinical study and we are absolutely convinced that the maximum degree of trust and commitment on the part of the (potential) study participant can only be gained in a personal meeting. Apart from that, certain key data that are relevant for the assessment of suitability for participation can be asked directly.

Are you looking for a company that knows exactly how to recruit the right patients effectively and timeously? The emovis PAG team would be happy to support you in the successful implementation of your project. 

Feel free to send us your inquiry at any time to - we will review it as quickly as possible and get back to you.