Why emovis?

At emovis we create long-term solutions in the field of clinical research: With our services we support our clients in the successful implementation of clinical trials. We embrace the challenge of making the impossible possible, of finding solutions for our clients and clinical trial participants. We are always striving to acquire new results and knowledge that can significantly contribute to modern forms of therapy to ease suffering and even save the lives of our future generations.

emovis is …:

  • ... fast: we only need 1 week for contract negotiations and one week (if needed) to set up the project

  • ... reliable: We achieve the recruitment numbers that we committed to in 90% of all studies

  • ... innovative: We will try to find a solution for every problem, even if it does not yet exist on the market.

  • ... accurate: We work according to our own Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and with a quality consultant

  • ... experienced: We have worked with more than 100 customers in the last 20 years

Why you should put your trust in emovis...

The well-being of every study participant is emovis’ top priority. On this principle we act, every day, every hour, with humanity and understanding for each and every situation. To receive preferential treatment at emovis, no private insurance is necessary - with us every patient is special. We dedicate ourselves to all our study participants with joy, time, and attention. Our business partners value us as a reliable, flexible and solution-oriented partner who makes even the seemingly impossible tasks possible. emovis loves quality - and lives it too.