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  • "My work keeps me mentally sharp": Mariella Brzoska in an interview with employees.

    Mariella Brzoska

    Meaningful activities, the opportunity to gain insight into different areas, a warm and humorous atmosphere - emovis is a special company in many respects. We asked Mariella Brzoska, our longest-standing employee, for an interview. In this interview, she talks about her everyday work and why she has enjoyed working at emovis for 18 years.

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  • Mental disorders: a complex interplay of different factors


    Since emovis was founded in 2001, we have conducted more than 50 clinical studies on depression. In the process, we have had intensive discussions with a great number of people affected by this disorder. We know that dealing with depression, or mental disorders in general, is often an enormous challenge. Due to the fact that several different factors interact in the development of mental disorders, there is no single solution for their treatment - rather, it is necessary to consider several treatment options. This is now the general consensus.

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  • 20 years of emovis: our history so far

    We at emovis are celebrating our 20th anniversary: a good occasion to take a look back at the story of our origins and to venture a glimpse into the future! Read the interview with emovis founder and CEO Dr. med. Bettina Bergtholdt to find out which of our approaches have proven successful, why growth sometimes has to be slowed down, and how exactly emovis was "born" under an apple tree.

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