Recruiting – Many Roads Lead to emovis

emovis is quite popular and enjoys a stellar reputation in Berlin. More than 7,000 patients have been included in clinical trials in the past. There are diverse paths through which interested study participants can contact emovis. Variatio delectat Means: diversity is appreciated, also by our sponsors. The pillars of the recruiting process include: the emovis patient database, frequent newsletter, patient telephone, and of course extensive advertising ranging from out-of-home, to radio up to online- and social media.

Database: More Than 12,000 Interested Patients

The emovis database features approximately 18,000 addresses of people who are potentially interested in participating in a study. For emovis this database represents confidence. The majority of these interested patients has consented in writing to receive the quarterly newsletter. emovis notifies approximately 12,000 people of current study projects every three months and is able to recruit an average of 10% of all study participants from its database.

The Patient Telephone Creates Confidence and Commitment

Yes! emovis is still willing to use the telephone. Whereas certain providers rather commission an outsourced call-center, emovis has its own staff working in-house and speaking with interested patients on the telephone. emovis is convinced: a personal conversation builds confidence and commitment. Patients’ anxieties can be eased in a personal conversation as well as a lot of basic information needed to estimate suitability for a study participation can be obtained.

For Motivated, Reliable and Compliant Patients

The high level of commitment and long-term experience of the employees staffing the telephones has confirmed the recruiting process for suitable patients who participate in the clinical trials in a motivated and compliant manner. The patient telephone is located in-house, close to the study site. The telephone in the study site is staffed from 09:00 AM-05:00 PM. In the event of high call volumes and outside of regular business hours an emovis backup team is available 24 hours 7 days a week.

When interested patients become aware of emovis projects they contact the study site in very different ways: many call directly. But some also chose the contact form, e-mail, and social media or just enter their call-back number for the call-back service. A call-back is placed in all cases where the patient does not speak with the emovis-team on the telephone: the emovis process: a telephone conversation usually supersedes a consulting appointment.

An Advantage: An Adequate Budget

Many sponsors are critical of high-volume recruiting budgets, because: “who will guarantee that the projected study participants will actually respond?”  In the case of emovis this doubt is offset by its numerous recruiting success factors, because emovis is acting as a trustee and  is trustworthy, experienced and innovative in the recruiting process of patients. There is no guarantee, but based on past experiences with many projects, high budget usually influences to the number of participants recruited by emovis in a relevant manner.  

Ability to Read the Patient

The patient target groups are quite diverse with regard to age, gender, complaints, type of ailment and (if possible) leisure activities. emovis is aware that the indication with its specific limitations characterizes the experience is a very decisive manner. Therefore, all of the recruiting measures at emovis are coordinated explicitly based on the indication and target group. Because: no one can overperform the emovis experience in recruiting suitable study participants since 2001 any time soon.

Possible Measures

emovis calculates and plans each study project individually. Based on the indication and target group, diverse measures are combined: e.g.

  • Online
  • Social Media
  • Print
  • Out-of-Home
  • Audio
  • Viral
  • Face-to-face
  • Recommendation Network

Of course, all study-related advertising texts used by emovis have previously been reviewed and approved by an ethics committee.

Trust Violated? – "Fraud" und "Misconduct"

It is very rare, but possible. Patients that do not follow the rules. The emovis rule is: those who misappropriate trust, which is always mutual at emovis, for example attempts to register for two clinical trials simultaneously, faking an ailment, or do not comply with the therapy guidelines, will receive an entry in the record in accordance with emovis-SOP. This entry will define that the person in question will not be eligible to participate in a trial again.