COVID Trial Unit

Clinical trials are always conducted with a high degree of responsibility. This is even more true for studies with COVID-19 infected patients. These studies must be organized with the utmost foresight and care. At emovis, we leave nothing to chance. With our COVID Trial Unit, we have put together a service package that is specifically tailored to COVID-19 patients in every respect - in terms of recruitment, transport, screening, and personnel we are optimally prepared and equipped.

What services do we offer?

emovis offers an all-round service in the field of corona virus studies. Starting with recruitment and transportation of COVID-19 positive individuals to our separate COVID Trial Unit or conducting home visits.

Recruiting trial participants is a particular challenge for COVID-19 positive individuals - they need to be informed about the relevant trials at the time of testing, and if they test positive, they need to be enrolled in the trial as quickly as possible. No problem for our experienced emovis Patient Access Group team! Learn more about our Patient Access Group!

COVID-19 positive individuals must be quarantined. Therefore, it is not possible for them to come to the emovis COVID Trial Unit on their own. Our solution: We offer a transport service to bring COVID-19 patients safely to us. This service is not limited to Berlin: Our COVID Trial Unit Transport also picks up study participants from other German cities - and brings them back home after their study participation.

Our COVID Trial Unit has an inpatient department (where we can accommodate 3-5 COVID-19 patients at a time) and an outpatient department. Of course, both departments are strictly separated from the emovis Dedicated Study Site – during the screening process, and throughout the study, our study participants from other trials will have no contact with COVID-19 infected individuals. As always, we at emovis strive to make the study participation as comfortable as possible for our patients.

For some people it is not possible to visit a study site for various reasons. To enable these people to participate in studies anyway, we established our emovis Homecare Visits service in 2012. This service is proving particularly useful during the Corona pandemic: emovis Homecare Visits thus optimally complements our COVID Trial Unit. Learn more about Homecare Visits!

As you can see: The emovis COVID Trial Unit offers a complete package of services. Whatever your trial design looks like - we at emovis will make sure that your ideas are successfully implemented!

What benefits does COVID Trial Unit offer you?

Our COVID Trial Unit is innovative and unique! The emovis Trial Unit is the only one in Germany that conducts trials with COVID-19-positive study participants. In addition, emovis has separate premises which participants in other studies cannot access. Thus, we avoid the risk of infection! Please contact us if you would like to conduct COVID-19 trials. We will find the right solution for you!

Our team at the COVID Trial Unit is exclusively responsible for conducting corona studies. You can therefore be sure that the team has the time capacity to conduct your study as quickly as possible.

The team is familiar with ICH/GCP guidelines and IATA trained and is therefore well versed in the conduct of clinical trials. Learn more about quality assurance at emovis.

Organizationally, the sleep lab is part of our study site. For more information about the study process, indications, success stories, or answers to frequently asked questions, please visit the Dedicated Study Site subpage.

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