Decentralized Clinical Trials

emovis has over 20 years’ experience as a Dedicated Study Site and 10 years’ experience with hybrid trials. We use this know-how to offer a toolbox for Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCTs), bringing clinical trials to the next level.

Many stakeholders are afraid of what DCTs may entail, but let’s highlight that a DCT is simply a regular clinical trial that includes decentralized elements. It is essential to understand that there is not a one size fits all model, but that decentralized elements need to fit the purpose of the trial, supporting the target population and ensuring patient safety and well-being, as well as coherent and robust data collection.

Not all patients are the same and their needs and wishes vary enormously depending on their indication, age, cultural background, personal preferences, etc. Yet, all patients want options and flexibility. We believe decentralized elements can bring that needed flexibility and help move research forward.

What services do we offer?

emovis offers a toolbox for next-level clinical studies that includes:

  • Digital Recruitment
  • A Brick & Mortar Site
  • Virtual Study Site
  • Network & Support Investigators
  • Homecare Services
  • Select & Contract Local Healthcare Providers
  • Supply & Device Management

What benefits do Decentralized Clinical Trials offer you?

Including the right DCT element into your trial makes patient centricity a reality and has the potential to bring with it many more benefits compared to more conventional approaches. These include:

  • Enhancing patient experience by reducing the burden of participation (e.g. reducing or eliminating travel burdens)
  • Enabling patient diversity by opening participation to a broader patient population
  • Reducing recruiting times
  • Decreasing drop-out rates, mainly due to decreased time and travel burden, but also due to promoting better patient engagement
  • Contributing to better compliance (e.g., via reminders to complete online diaries)

All these benefits lead to faster completion of studies, therefore saving time and cost, and more importantly: Therapies reach those who urgently need them most.

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