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A sleep lab used exclusively for clinical studies? Yes, this is possible at emovis. All our work is geared towards conducting clinical studies, hence we have our own sleep lab. Up to three patients or test persons can be monitored there at night at the same time. It is very convenient that the sleep lab is located in the same building as the emovis study site; just two floors up.

What services do we offer?

All three rooms of the emovis sleep laboratory are fully equipped - making them three state-of-the-art, video-monitored, polysomnographic measuring stations. The efficiency is based not least on the fact that all three spots are used simultaneously in the course of many studies. The diagnostic procedures range from EEG and , to video and audio monitoring of each individual patient.

For all three spots in the emovis sleep laboratory, the technology (manufacturer: SOMNO medics) is available to record the various body functions during the night, such as brain waves, eye movements, muscle tension, breathing, or oxygen saturation of the blood.

The following examinations can be performed whilst the study participants sleep:

  • Electro encephalography (EEG)
  • Nasal respiratory airflow (NAF)
  • Thoracic respiratory motion (THO)
  • Abdominal respiratory motion (ABD)
  • Electrocardiogram (EKG)
  • Blood pressure (RR)
  • Arterial oxygen saturation test via finger sensor (pulse oximetry)
  • Body temperature
  • Electromyogram (EMG) – Recording muscle movement in the legs and masticatory muscle
  • Electrooculography (EOG) – recording eye movement
  • Sound recording
  • Video recording

Depending on the study, additional equipment may be required, which is usually provided by the sponsor.

What benefits does our sleep lab offer you?

Our fully equipped sleep lab allows us to perform various examinations which will benefit your study.

We are a Clinical Trial Service Provider offering both study site and sleep lab. Thus, many important examinations can be performed during a study, also for Phase I studies. Learn more about our Early Phase Unit.

Organizationally, the sleep lab is part of our study site. For more information about the study process, indications, success stories, or answers to frequently asked questions, please visit the Dedicated Study Site subpage.

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