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emovis has been active in the field of clinical research since 2001. More than 250 studies conducted with more than 9,000 patients recruited have produced many success stories worth reporting on. Successes that emovis is still proud of today. The examples reveal a lot about the way emovis works: e.g. our particular dedication to the projects and CRAs.

Dedicated Study Site

emovis is one of the sites currently conducting a placebo-controlled Phase IIb study, on behalf of Oryzon Genomics S.A.  In this study, the active substance vafidemstatis being tested in adult patients with borderline personality disorder (BPD).

But what is so special about vafidemstat? The active ingredient, which is taken in oral capsule form, aims to reduce the activity of the enzyme LSD1 and thereby reduce inner agitation and aggression and improve overall BPD status. Results of previous clinical trials support the assumption that vafidemstatcould be a safe, as well as well-tolerated treatment option for borderline patients.

We have commenced patient enrolment in mid-2022. The feedback so far has been overwhelming, with over 1,000 people contacting us in just six months to learn more about the study. This makes this study the No.1 ranking among our studies conducted in 2022. On one hand, our success thus far speaks for our diverse and sophisticated recruitment measures and commitment at our study center. On the other, it illustrates how great the need for (new) borderline therapy options are: So far, no specific drugs are available to treat this disorder. The drugs currently being used do not work sufficiently and/or have significant side effects.

emovis is very pleased to be involved in the development of novel drug options that are intended to alleviate BPD in an effective and tolerable way.

We are confident and motivated to fully reach our recruitment target within the upcoming months and would like to take this opportunity to thank the study sponsor for their trust and support.

Clinical studies are generally organizationally complex - some more, some less: emovis was commissioned by the sponsors Parexel/Vakzine Projekt Management GmbH to conduct a vaccination study on tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis, for which both a blinded and an unblinded team had to be assembled. These two teams went into high gear and recruited over 500 patients in less than 2 months. In order to cope with this demand, we opened our study site even on weekends.

In conducting a multicenter obesity study for Novo Nordisk, we were able to demonstrate that we understand exactly what we are doing, even under extraordinary circumstances. Corona significantly delayed recruitment in all the countries involved in the study - except in Germany! The study sites located here, including emovis, were still able to enroll patients. We are proud to have reached our target number of study participants despite the pandemic and the long recruitment period - especially because we had to follow certain restrictions, such as only being allowed one randomization per month.  

emovis is one of very few sites worldwide to have won the Clinical Research Site Award.

The study "Alkermes" with the protocol number #ALK5461-207 led to emovis receiving some very high praise. This project was the reason emovis was presented with the INC Research Clinical Research Site Award. In the citation for the award, which covers various aspects of clinical research, emovis was recognized for, among other things, "Highly engaged investigator and site staff who are collaborative and responsive and also demonstrate strong teamwork and communication" and "the principle investigator and staff are an excellent team and their thoroughness and attention to detail makes monitoring very easy". - emovis says: "Thank you!"

Rightfully so, emovis is considered a site that can quickly recruit numerous qualified participants. Therefore emovis prefers to participate in clinical trials not requiring a maximum limit per site and permits competitive recruiting. Preferred are indications that affect broad population groups and certainly cause psychological stress. It is still considered “Best Care” today when emovis was able to include 317 patients within a two year timeframe for a smoking cessation study in 2013. The conversion rate to business days is 0.75 patients per business day. Sponsors Pfizer und PAREXEL as CROs were more than satisfied. This excellent quota has only been exceeded by a study conducted in 2003 when emovis succeeded in including 101 patients within four days (!); also for a “smoking cessation” indication.

When emovis was founded in 2001 by physicians from Berlin, the founders were mainly psychologists and psychiatrists. It was therefore only natural that the focus of the study site was initially on the area of mental health. Even though emovis now covers a broad spectrum of indications the success of the first few years is hard to beat. And so, in the first 15 years of its existence, emovis conducted more than 50 studies in the indication area "depression", among others for Alkermes, AstraZeneca, Boehringer, Dr Willmar Schwabe, GSK, Janssen, Lilly, Lundbeck, MSD, Pierre Fabre, Sanofi-Aventis, Takeda, ...

Dedicated Sleep Lab

The emovis sleep lab opened in 2008 and is exclusively used for clinical research at emovis. The sleep lab has also produced numerous success stories worth sharing. Read here about the study successes in the sleep lab that emovis is proud of.

emovis has conducted a Phase lb study for Jansen within the scope of early drug development. During this study, the participants at the sleep laboratory were “quartered” and were only permitted outdoors once daily under strict supervision. The limitation of mobility was offset by the freedom to indulge. Since emovis is located in a district featuring excellent restaurants, the menu selections available to the test subjects is almost unlimited: ranging from pizza and sushi up to steakhouse. The only restrictions have been imposed by the study protocol.

Studies in the sleep lab are quite popular at emovis. Our team is pleased that these study designs are often very innovative, and many new things are constantly being tested. For example, in a RLS study in recent years, research was conducted into the correlation between blood pressure and restless legs. For this purpose, blood pressure was monitored throughout the night with a finger blood pressure cuff, with exciting results! In total, emovis has recruited almost 350 patients with RLS in various studies.

Early Phase Unit

Whether early or late phase - we at emovis dedicate ourselves to every study brought to us with maximum commitment and the greatest possible competence. There's no question about it: we devote ourselves to these with just as much commitment and competence! We proved this, among other things, in a study by Janssen on Major Depressive Disorder (MDD): we admitted the patients as inpatients for 12 days in a row - and showed full commitment around the clock. Throughout the day, we carried out assessments such as ratings or blood samples; at night, we carried out EEGs and examinations every few hours. In addition to this intensive medical care, one thing was particularly important to us: making our patients' stay as friendly and comfortable as possible.