emovis-Subsidiary: Homecare Visits in Clinical Trials

Homecare visits within the scope of clinical trials? This is a new subject. But not for emovis. emovis has been assisting sponsors and CROs with its "Homecare Visits" services during the implementation of clinical trials in the patient’s home environment since 2012. With a team of 7 full-time employees in Berlin, as well as more than 50 employees in 13 European countries, these projects enable immobile patients to participate in clinical trials. In 2015 this idea, which substantially improves the situation of patients, has been recognized with the DEN Innovation Award.


emovis Homecare Visits is a separate area within emovis. Their offices are located on the ground floor at Wilmersdorfer Str. 79 and Sybelstraße. Online, this area is also featured separately with their own website (see below).