Other Services

Additional Services

emovis is an experienced player in the German clinical trial field. emovis is certainly one of the most active participants, simply because the company is owner-operated, because the professional confrontation of this area is the real incentive to perform this work and because the processes are slim and efficient. Therefore, a serious request: Ask us! Whatever your ideas for your next project are, emovis is your discussion partner at eye-level and will wholeheartedly support you in realizing your request.

Ideas, We Have Gladly Implemented

  • Preparing source documents for your project
  • Recruiting participants for your project
  • Functioning as the panelist and giving presentations
  • Consulting services for the clinical trial design
  • Consulting services in- and exclusion criteria
  • Usability-Tests Medical devices

In addition, we offer:

emovis is known for responding quickly to feasibilities and efficiently processing all administrative procedures. Due to the slim processes in which only a few narrowly networked stakeholders are integrated, as well as due to the extensive recruiting experience emovis was able to rescue more than one project from “hot waters” already.

In case of a rescue-site request, you can expect the following from emovis:

  • Feasibility response within three days
  • Confidentially agreement and contract signature within 24 hours
  • Submission of ethics documents within one week
  • Start of recruitments immediately

The possibilities of modern research have become increasingly diverse, but so are the requirements.  Numerous projects merely require blood samples or other materials from a certain patient group to conduct laboratory research. emovis is happy to assist with such cases, because emovis has patients who are positive and open to participate in these type of projects. Almost any indication can be accommodated in these cases.

The CRA office is located on the first floor and one floor below the study site. If a monitor is working at the emovis location for one or more days, he/she will have a spacious work space where he/she can spread out files and laptops and enjoy quiet surroundings enabling telephone conferences at any time without a problem:

  • WLAN
  • Telephone
  • Fax Machine
  • Copy Machine
  • Scanner (Scans can be sent via e-mail)

In addition to providing the spacious office, emovis practices an "open door culture". Although the CRA will receive a key, if possible, which enables free movement between the study site and the CRA office, the “open door policy” pertains primarily to questions for the investigators and study coordinators. The aforementioned are available to answer questions at defined times, outside of the hours reserved for rounds, consultations and audits.

When the term "behind schedule" becomes apparent during a trial in progress the parties responsible for the sponsors’ and CROs trial have every reason to be nervous. After all, the success of a study also depends on meeting the projected timeframes. Particularly when the delay is a result of a slow recruiting process for participants, assistance is necessary and possible. The good news is: in such cases emovis can be an uncomplicated rescue site, provided the indication is a match.

emovis has numerous Best Cases, in which recruiting many trial participants was successful within a short period of time. In numerous cases it is simply a matter of budget ad advertising pressure, because the efficiency of diverse recruiting paths has been more than sufficiently tested at emovis. emovis will prepare a budget estimate according to your recruiting guidelines and address the challenge aggressively. Learn more about our Patient Access Group.