Patient Access Group

emovis enjoys a high profile and a good reputation, thanks to the Patient Access Group, our service for efficient and rapid patient recruitment. Since our foundation, we have already enrolled more than 7,500 patients in studies. Would you like to have a clinical trial conducted and are looking for an experienced service provider who can recruit study participants quickly and reliably? The emovis Patient Access Group offers you patient recruitment including marketing measures and telephone consultation in the entire D-A-CH region.

What services does the Patient Access Group offer?

Finding the right patients for a study is the be-all and end-all. With our measures we want to make sure that your study will be a success! This is what our measures look like:

  • Our advertising concepts are not off-the-shelf: We plan unique advertising strategies for your study or study site - because every clinical study is unique!
  • We tailor all our recruitment measures specifically and individually to the respective indication and target group!
  • To ensure the dispersion of the patient population, we combine different marketing measures - From print and online, to social media and audio advertising, it's all there!
  • Of course, all the study-related advertising copy that we plan to use is reviewed by the ethics committee in advance.
  • We have a large database of potential study participants! These contacts regularly receive a newsletter about our current study projects.
  • Online questionnaire? Not with us - we rely on personal interviews. Because only a personal interview creates trust and commitment.

What benefits does our Patient Access Group offer you?

  • We recruit maximally motivated patients who are compliant in our studies.

  • We provide all materials, from the texts and design to the implementation and maintenance of the advertising measures.

  • We conduct three months of tests and provide you with the evaluations and results.Together, we decide whether and how to continue the recruiting efforts.

  • We use the advertising budget efficiently for maximum success!

  • Our patient telephone hotline creates trust! Our employees are available 7 days a week for contact inquiries from interested persons.

Contact us!

Would you like some more information?

We would be very happy to receive your inquiry at: feasibility@emovis.de.