Samples and Material – Outside of Clinical Trials

The possibilities of modern research have become increasingly diverse, but so are the requirements.  Numerous projects merely require blood samples or other materials from a certain patient group to conduct laboratory research. emovis is happy to assist with such cases, because emovis has patients who are positive and open to participate in these type of projects. Almost any indication can be accommodated in these cases.

The Team is IATA-Certified

Important for these type of projects: the team at the emovis study site has been trained pursuant to the statutoryEU standard (IATA International Air Transport Association) Since sending patient samples, biological materials or infectious substances within the framework of current clinical trials via air freight is a routine process, sponsors of other projects are welcome to utilize these services as well. Regardless whether it is substances, such as diagnostic samples, specimens or infectious cultures, the emovis team will package (also on dry ice) and send the samples professionally.

TBC-Infected Individuals, Opposed to Immunization, Non-swimmers?

The emovis reporting and recruiting territory is Berlin. The mere number of almost four million ethnically diverse people combined with the high popularity and the stellar reputation of emovis, rules out almost no indication for which a population can be found. The budget, as well as the incentive for patients is decisive for advertising activities. emovis will gladly process your request and provide a solution for your project. Recruiting “non-swimmers” is an option as well.