Sleep Laboratory – Exclusive for Clinical Trials

emovis is one of the few study sites with its own sleep laboratory. The sleep laboratory is located in the same building as the emovis study site; just two floors up.  The emovis sleep laboratoryis used exclusively for conducting clinical trials. Up to three patients can be monitored simultaneously at night. And much more: When emovis is conducting a Phase I study, the test subjects can reside comfortably in the rooms adjacent to the sleep laboratory

Quiet Location Facing the Court Yard

The emovis sleep laboratory has three "sleep stations", more specifically, three rooms for patients where the sleep patterns can be monitored. These rooms are nicely furnished and in a quiet location enabling the study participants to sleep with the windows open at night without being disturbed by noise. All windows feature curtains to filter out the light. Corresponding to the wall colors and the furniture, the rooms are named “red”, ‘green” and “brown”.

Technology is Available in All Sleep Stations

The technology is also labeled with the names “red”, ‘green” and “brown” and it is utilized exclusively in the corresponding room. The monitoring work station is located at the entrance/equipment area.  Electrodes and additional technical equipment is designated for all three sleep stations so that the diverse bodily functions, such as brain waves, eye movement, muscle tension, breathing patterns and oxygen saturation of the blood can be recorded with the assistance of the supporting polysomnography exams.

SOPs for Maintenance, Charging, Cleaning

Not only the cleaning process for the electrodes, but also charging the batteries for the electrodes, charging the study laptop, as well as maintenance of other materials are subjected to a fixed SOP at emovis.