Best Cases – Sleep Laboratory

The emovis sleep laboratory exists for more than eleven years. It is exclusively available for clinical research conducted by emovis. The sleep laboratory has also brought forth several “Best Case “awards in clinical trials on multiple occasions, which is worth mentioning. Read here about the successful clinical trials conducted at the sleep laboratory, that make emovis very proud. The cases disclose a lot about the emovis work processes: the high-level of commitment to projects and CRAs. 

Phase Ib – Sushi or Tarte Flambee Today?!

emovis has conducted a Phase lb study for Jansen within the scope of early drug development. During this study, the participants at the sleep laboratory were “quartered” and were only permitted outdoors once daily under strict supervision. The limitation of mobility was offset by the freedom to indulge. Since emovis is located in a district featuring excellent restaurants, the menu selections available to the test subjects is almost unlimited: ranging from pizza and sushi up to steakhouse. The only restrictions have been imposed by the study protocol.

In Summary: Almost 350 Rstless Legs Patients

The clinical trials conducted in the sleep laboratory are quite popular at emovis.  The coordinators appreciate the fact that these clinical trials are often quite innovative and test numerous aspects.  For example, in a “Restless Legs Study” conducted in past years, the correlation between blood pressure and restless leg syndrome has been researched. The blood pressure was monitored with a finger blood pressure cuff throughout the entire night and produced interesting results. In summary, emovis recruited almost 350 patients suffering from restless leg syndrome within the scope of diverse clinical trials.