Red, Green or Brown – Three Rooms are Available

The rooms at the emovis sleep laboratory could easily be hotel rooms. If you look through the door, you will encounter tastefully furnished rooms with wood furniture. Clean towels are placed on the freshly made bed. Due to the location on the fourth floor, the sleep laboratory is bright and inviting during the daytime hours. Corresponding to the wall colors and the furnishings, the rooms are named "Red", "Green" and "Brown".

Equipped Like a Nice Hotel

Each room at the emovis sleep laboratory is tastefully furnished. The comfortable ambience is further highlighted because the rooms not only have a bed, but other amenities as well:

  • An inviting wooden table with a minimum of two chairs
  • A wardrobe and/or a dresser
  • A larger-screen TV
  • Soft carpets
  • Curtains for filtering the daylight

Quiet Location Facing the Courtyard

All of the rooms are facing the facility’s large courtyard, enabling the study participants to sleep with the windows opened at night without being disturbed by noise. The rooms are facing south, so the late afternoon light provides a comfortable ambience as well.  The curtains are designed to filter the light.

Other Areas Include Technology, Bathroom and Breakroom

To provide extensive care for the patients, the sleep laboratory features additional areas:

  • Bathroom with a shower, sink and toilet for patients
  • Reception area with armchairs and cabinets for suppliers
  • Workstation with monitors, computer, printer, network connections for study laptops
  • Breakroom and a bathroom – exclusively reserved for the staff

And How Are the Patients Doing?

emovis receives positive feedback from its patients about its sleep laboratory on regular basis. Numerous patients stated that they have slept better at the emovis sleep laboratory than at home. Why is that? The doctors at emovis think: perhaps it is just a few basic rules such as “lights off, close the curtains!” Or it may be the quiet rooms and the absence of street noises, no disruptions and nice beds, or not engaging with any media before falling to sleep. Whatever it may be: emovis, as a company consistently focusing on its patients, does everything to make the patient's stay as comfortable as possible.

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