Emovis operates like a doctor’s office which only performs clinical studies. We don’t offer treatment outside the framework of clinical trials.

Patients interested in the studies have learned about our projects through various recruiting activities. They come into contact with emovis via telephone or e-mail and will then schedule a counseling interview with one of our doctors.

During the doctors counseling interview, a diagnosis is generated in order to determine if the patient seems eligible for participation in the study. If patients are qualified, they will receive the first information about the study along with the written informed consent form. They will be asked to peruse the material unhurriedly at home and then decide if they want to participate in the study. At the beginning of the next visit (screening appointment) the responsible study doctor will go through the patient information with them and answer all their questions. The actual study related examinations begin after receiving the signed written informed consent form and written confirmation from the study doctor.