Study Site or SMO? – Study Site for Clinical Trials Phase II-IV

emovis is an outpatient study site in the heart of Berlin, with the focus on clinical trials in Phase II-IV. The specialty of emovis is its performance ability; also regarding the number of recruited individuals, the number of indications and the ability to conduct complicated clinical trials. CROs and sponsors ask: whether emovis is actually a study site or rather a Site Management Organization (SMO)? emovis has the advantages of both.

One Location – in the Heart of Berlin

emovis is headquartered in the heart of Berlin: located in a rental property from the founding years in Berlin at Wilmersdorfer Straße 79, in close proximity of the Kurfürstendamm.

Focus: Phases II-IV trials

The primary focus of emovis are the trials in phases II-IV, but phase I is also an option, provided the project meets the emovis profile requirements. The research conducted on the patients is the mutual aspect for phases II-IV clinical trials. This fact is the exact notable characteristic of emovis: especially successful recruiting process of the most diverse patient population.

emovis seldom conducts research studies on healthy human beings. However, including patients in Phase I, it becomes increasingly popular in an effort to determine an earlier "proof of concept". Of course, emovis can offer and help in these cases as well.

The team is ICH/GCP and IATA-Certified

The study site team consists of investigators, study nurses, lab nurses and study coordinators, as well as the reception and in-house patient telephone; all are ICH/GCP and, if you are sending lab samples, IATA certified. Overall, a coordinated team that has been employed by emovis for years, includes:

  • 5 investigators + 1 psychologist,
  • 4 study nurses,
  • 4 study coordinators, 
  • 2 receptionists.

Specialist Network in Walking Distance – and the Subsidiaries In-House

If specialist examinations or imaging procedures are required, a network of local colleagues is available as well. This network has also been tested and tried for many years. In addition, the emovis-subsidiaries are also available to provide additional services.

The emovis-Subsidiaries: Homecare Visits and camovis

  • The emovis-subsidiary Homecare Visits who offers home visits in 13 european countries within the framework of clinical trials has its offices on the ground floor of the building at Wilmersdorfer Straße 79.
  • The emovis-subsidiary camovis GmbH who offers Flying Study Nurses throughout Germany, is located on the first floor (1.OG) at Wilmersdorfer Straße, including the Managing Director Caroline Kurth.

Is emovis a SMO or a Study Site for Investigators?

emovis enjoys the benefits of an SMO, which cannot only accommodate numerous indications with various investigators, but can also incorporate a large number of participants in trials. emovis provides the benefit of sponsors only having one contractual partner. However, emovis also has the advantage of an individual investigation institute, in respect to: the fact that the company has only one location. The clinical monitor has the advantage of being able to monitor multiple data in one location.

emovis was founded by Dr. Bettina Bergtholdt, and colleagues. The legal form of emovis is a GmbH (LLC) and Dr. Bettina Bergtholdt, MD, is the Executive Director.