Best Cases – Study Site

emovis has been involved in the clinical trial sector for 19 years. More than 250 clinical trials conducted on over 7,000 recruited patients have resulted in various "Best Cases" awards which should be mentioned. Successful clinical trials are making emovis proud up to this day. The examples disclose numerous facts about the emovis work processes: e.g. the truly dedicated commitment to its projects and CRAs.

Alkermes – a Project fit to Win a Prize

The "Alkermes" study, protocol number #ALK5461-207 deserve special praise. This project was the reason emovis received the INC Research Clinical Research Site Award. The reason for the award, which covers diverse aspects, was awarded to emovis amongst other things, for "Highly engaged investigator and site staff who are collaborative, responsive and demonstrate strong teamwork and communication" and “PI and staff are an excellent site and their thoroughness and attention to detail makes monitoring very easy". – emovis says “Thank you!”

Smoking Cessation: Three Hundred+ and How Many Patients?!

Rightfully so, emovis is considered a site that can quickly recruit numerous qualified participants. Therefore emovis prefers to participate in clinical trials not requiring a maximum limit per site and permits competitive recruiting. Preferred are indications that affect broad population groups and certainly cause psychological stress. It is still considered “Best Care” today when emovis was able to include 317 patients within a two year timeframe for a smoking cessation study in 2013. The conversion rate to business days is 0.75 patients per business day. Sponsors Pfizer und PAREXEL as CROs were more than satisfied. This excellent quota has only been exceeded by a study conducted in 2003 when emovis succeeded in including 101 patients within four days (!); also for a “smoking cessation” indication.

More than 50 Clinical Trials in the Category "Depression"

When emovis was established by the Berlin-based doctors in 2001 the circle of founders was primarily comprised of psychologists and psychiatrists. So it seemed plausible that the study site primarily focused on mental health. Although emovis features a broad spectrum of indications now: the head start from the earlier years is difficult to make up.  emovis has conducted more than 50 clinical trials in the “Depression” indication segment in its 16 years of existence; amongst others, for Alkermes, AstraZeneca, Boehringer, Dr Willmar Schwabe, GSK, Janssen, Lilly, Lundbeck, MSD, Pierre Fabre, Sanofi-Aventis, Takeda, ...