Medical Equipment From the Textbook

emovis has a certified medical equipment specialist and does not compromise on medical equipment, such as centrifuges, ECG devices and pulmonary function devices, as well as other equipment that is not covered by the Medical Product Law (such as thermometers and refrigerators); this equipment is not only purchased brand new and certified, but it is also inspected, calibrated and professionally maintained or replaced. The temperature logs enable the verification of temperature for many years.

Equipment Manuals for Each Medical Product

As required by the German law, emovis stores the manual for each medical device.In this manual it is documented that the devices are inspected for safety (STK) and measurement accuracy (MTK) on regular basis. The MTK, including calibrations/official verifications are defined by law and are performed by the manufacturer or authorized enterprises.

emovis performs and documents all of these medical equipment inspections in accordance with the regulations. According to the law, the following applies: everything not classified as medical products, e.g. fever thermometers, is recorded in an inventory list. Each device used by emovis and recorded in this inventory list has its own medical product manual despite the fact that this is not required by law. emovis also sometimes replaces operational devices for innovation reasons.

emovis relies on long-term partners for the certification process. Amongst others, the certification institutes include the following companies: Lonscher (for the MTK of scales), as well as Luff (for calibrating the thermometers). Elektro Heimann has been the contractual partner for STKs at emovis for numerous years. The fire extinguisher maintenance is performed by minimax.

Technical Equipment – Companies and Partners

emovis always seeks cooperation with recognized manufacturers who guarantee exceptional quality and excellent service. emovis purchases its equipment from the following companies.

Lab Refrigerators and Freezers


Medical body analysis scales

Centrifuges and Refrigerated Centrifuges


Certification institutes

A True Specialist in the "Medical Equipment" Sector

The representative for medical products at emovis has obtained a degree for his profession. He successfully completed the “Medical Product Representative (MPB)” module within the scope of his master craftsman training. In addition to the professional expertise regarding medical equipment, this master title has also earned him a management position in the fields of medical equipment and organizational tasks. Based on his education, the medical product representative at emovis is a specialist for outpatient medical care.

Hygiene and Occupational Safety Are Also Very Important

The professional application of medical devices is not the only topic that emovis places special emphasis on. The segments “Occupational Safety” and “Hygiene” have been assigned a separate representative who is responsible for the establishment and compliance with the hygiene plans as well as employee training. The hygiene folder and the occupational safety folder are subject to a separate quality management process.