Facilities with Personality

emovis is active in clinical research, however, the facilities are not at all reminiscent of a “clinic“. emovis has its own ambience and amenities. It is friendly and individual. In some cases even a little  "thrown together", considering many historical desks, special art pieces and curtains, which are always individually selected for each office. Why is that?


Three Reasons for the Courage to be Individual

The furniture at emovis has enthused some visitors or evoked head-shaking gestures in others. The fact is:  emovis has personality and personalities represent the company. Another fact is: emovis conducts numerous clinical trials with psychiatric indications and has to deal with patients whose fear of medical treatment has to be eased.

And last but not least, emovis simply enjoys creating their company’s flair. Regardless whether we offer coffee to business partners in historic mocha cups, or the color of the new wall paper is discussed by the staff in the hallways, emovis will be remembered.

Sufficient Space – Including the CRA

emovis enjoys a special luxury. emovis has space. Long hallways, large, bright rooms with a lot of natural light, as well as balconies and other amenities characterize the emovis study site.

The patients, the team and last, but not least the CRAs benefit from the spaciousness, because they can comfortably spread out many folders, devices and laptop or conduct a  telephone conference without interruptions. Rooms in the study site include:

  • A reception area for patients with coffee and tea
  • 4 warmly furnished treatment rooms
  • 2 bright laboratories
  • 3 comfortable offices for the study coordinators
  • 1 representative office for CRAs (recently on the first floor)
  • 1 large conference room
  • 1 office for the in-house patient telephone
  • 1 code-protected, refrigerated pharmaceutical room
  • In addition: 1 safe for BTM-medication (at a safe place)
  • 1 kitchen equipped with a microwave oven, dishwasher, refrigerator and seatings for up to six people

Picture Gallery Study Site